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Crielere scientists kidnapped -- notorious terrorist leader killed

2004-02-09 - By Svarthol

This just in from the Crielere system: After a night of fierce fighting, the infamous marauder Jirai “Fatal” Laitanen is reported to have been killed in a battle against the Crielere station’s loose coalition of defense forces. According to sources, Laitanen’s cohort, Korako “The Rabbit” Kosakami, managed to escape from the scene after kidnapping Crielere founders Henric Touvolle and Taromi Umailen.

Earlier reports that the main Gurista force was heading out of Crielere’s neighbouring system Rancer had prompted the defenders to give chase into Thelan, three systems away from Crielere, where Fatal was reported to have been situated. As the brave defenders chased Fatal and his force into the system, a large contingent of Gurista marauders descended upon Crielere Laboratories seemingly out of nowhere, revealing the earlier retreat to be a diversionary measure. With the station virtually undefended, the terrorists were able to strike key points in the complex, causing tremendous damage to the multi-billion ISK structure.

As most of the defence force fell back to Crielere and reinforcements arrived from other locations, reports came in that The Rabbit and his men had breached the station’s perimeter and were making their way through the complex. While fighting continued outside the station, Kosakami located and subdued Dr. Umailen. After an intense standoff, in which both Fatal and the Rabbit mercilessly used Umailen as leverage, Dr. Touvolle was lured into their claws. Utilizing what seems to have been a cloaking device of some sort, Kosakami then exited the station and under cover of Laitanen’s guns made his way to the Olettiers stargate, where he was able to escape with the two scientists. The defence forces flooded into Olettiers, where they then managed to break down Fatal’s defenses, destroying his ship. As the pirate fled through the gate into Olettiers in his escape pod, he was chased down and destroyed by Second Wave Inc.'s Security Chief Doc Brown.

Tonight’s battle was the largest yet fought in Crielere, with hundreds of casualties on both sides of the conflict. The station itself is said to be heavily damaged, and at this point, if drastic measures aren’t taken, experts indicate that a complete core meltdown may be imminent. Expect more news from Crielere as the smoke clears.