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CSM 13 elections: 4 -11 June

2018-05-07 - By CCP Guard

As discussed in a dev blog previously, we decided to move the elections for the Council of Stellar Management past Fanfest. This, we believe, will give each CSM a term more in line with the production cadence at CCP.

Instead of announcing a new CSM at Fanfest, the list of approved candidates was announced in the Fanfest Keynote on April 12 and the list can be found here.

The election will run for one week, from 12 noon UTC (EVE Time) on 4 June - 12 noon UTC on 11 June.

Voting will be open to all Omega clones - details and instructions will be published closer to the election.

For more information about the candidates, please check the out the CSM Campaigns Forum Thread.

@Noizygamer has also done a good job of keeping tabs on the candidates and the election process on his CSM Wire.

Keep an eye out for further news and start thinking about which candidates you think would make for the best CSM. EVE needs your vote.

Yours in democracy,

CCP Guard