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CSM 7 Elections – Candidacy opens in a few hours!

2012-02-07 - By CCP Diagoras

The candidacy period for the next CSM election will open at midnight, and if you’re interested in running for a seat on the council you will be able to apply here. A list of criteria can be found in the previous election blog.

With this election we’re introducing the new preliminary nomination stage, where each candidate will have to post a campaign thread introducing the platform they are running on in the Jita Park Speakers Corner forum. In order to be eligible to appear on the final ballot, the candidate must gain 100 “likes” on the initial post in that thread..

In order to facilitate this we will be changing the approval process from the CCP side. Instead of waiting until the end of the candidacy period before letting candidates know that they passed the vetting process, we will aim to provide a final approval or refusal within three working days of the application being made. Upon this approval being provided, candidates can feel free to start their forum thread to work on their campaign without worrying about being rejected during the audits.

On the 29th of February, we will post the final list of candidates who passed this stage.

Good luck to everyone running; we’re certain that this will be an interesting election!

 - CCP Diagoras

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