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CSM - Call for Candidates and Changes to the CSM

2010-03-23 - By CCP Diagoras

After reviewing the CSM process with the CSM we have reached the joint conclusion that the following changes will strengthen and improve the structure as a whole. The changes proposed will take effect with the 5th CSM, inaugurated this coming June.

·         The CSM will move from six month terms to twelve month terms. CSM5 will sit for only 10 months in order to move the election periods to better coincide with the development process of EVE (March).

·         Each CSM will visit the CCP headquarters in Reykjavik, Iceland twice during their term.

·         Term limits will be removed, and all people who have previously used up their term limits are ‘reset' - anyone can run again, and can be elected as many times as the voters see fit.

Due to the changes to the fifth council, the elections for CSM5 will start earlier than originally planned. They will not take office sooner; however this is necessary for us to be able to arrange the first of the two visits that CSM5 will make to the CCP HQ in time. The visit will take place in June, the first month of their taking office. Admittedly this short timeframe for the first visit requires a great dedication from the new council and cooperation with CSM4. This will then be followed by a second visit in December.

Should you wish to run as a candidate for the 5th CSM, the candidate applications page will open on Friday, March 26th. Like in the past, we would remind you that the full name and country of residence of each candidate will be published. Additional information that will be displayed will be your character name, a website URL (should you wish to have a campaign website), and your campaign message.

We also require additional personal information from candidates that will not be published, including your address, e-mail address and a scan or high quality photograph of a valid passport for use in international travel. We require this information as evidence that it will be possible for the applicant to travel to Iceland for the CSM-CCP summits.

All candidacy applicants must be at least 21 years old, and all user accounts used by the applicant must have correct and up to date account ownership information. Full information regarding potential reasons for rejection of candidacy can be found in the CSM white paper.

If you have any queries regarding running for the council or have issues with your candidacy application, please feel free to contact us via e-mail at csm-contact[at]ccpgames.com.

The CSM white paper and the summary of it can be found at these links.

Following are the important dates for the fifth CSM:

March 26th - Opening for candidacy runs for the fifth CSM.

April 9thth - Closing for the candidacy applications.

May 5th - Voting for the fifth CSM opens.

May 19th - Voting for the fifth CSM closes.

May 28th - Results of the fifth CSM elections announced.

June 3rd - The fifth CSM take office**.**

June 22nd to June 25th - First CSM5-CCP summit in Iceland.

December 7th to December 10th - Second CSM5-CCP summit in Iceland.

April 6th 2011 - The sixth CSM take office.

We welcome any comments or enquiries that people may have on these changes or anything else regarding the CSM process. Please let us know of any concerns, enquiries or anything else in either the comments thread or by contacting us at csm-contact[at]ccpgames.com.

-  CCP Diagoras