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CSM Meeting Minutes - Summer 2012

2012-08-02 - By CCP Manifest

The seventh CSM and CCP had their first scheduled summit from 30th of May to 1st of June, 2012. A wide variety of topics were discussed during the summit in Reykjavik, and the table of contents is listed below. The full meeting minutes can be found here: //www.eveonline.com/council/transcripts/2012/CSM_CCP_Meetings_May_June_2012.pdf

Summit Sessions:

  • CSM: Introduction and White Paper Discussions
  • What is a Stakeholder?
  • Winter 2012 Expansion
  • EVE Future
  • The State of Incarna
  • Live Events
  • Industry and Mining
  • Starbase Rework
  • EVE/DUST Link
  • EVE UI
  • Null sec
  • Corporation Management
  • War Decs and Crimewatch
  • Player Experience - Launcher
  • Factional Warfare
  • Art
  • Ship Balance and Iteration
  • 'Player to Player Contracts' (Feature Working Title)
  • Content
  • Security
  • (New) Player Experience
  • EVE Economy

_Some notes:  _

As you can see by downloading the meeting minutes, they were no small undertaking. The  Seventh Council decided to change the format to increase visibility and accountability of their representation, and the page count rose to meet their commitment (165). CCP would like to thank the CSM for their tireless work in this endeavor and for the considerable effort put into preparation for the summit and communication of its results afterwards. The format will be further refined for future meeting minutes.

Please feel free to place your comments in the related thread. It will be monitored both by CCP and the CSM. 

Theorycrafting, tinfoilhattery, speculation and all such activities are to be expected and even praised, but until something is deployed to the Tranquility server, please keep in mind it could quickly vanish into nothingness not unlike the pebble-sized meteor trails when entering Earth's atmosphere. With that, may the discussion of these minutes commence!

On a related note, thanks in advance for your patience of our possible silence on future plans--the NDA is a terrifying, un-nerfable overpowered NPC.

And finally, a special thanks to CCP Xhagen for helping to coordinate these minutes from vacationland, from whence he shall shortly return.

o7. CCP Manifest, paltry stand-in.