CSM summit in Iceland - August 21-24 | EVE Online

CSM summit in Iceland - August 21-24

2017-08-09 - By CCP Guard

The 12th Council of Stellar Management will attend its first of two summits, at CCP HQ in Iceland this August. Nine out of the ten members will be available to attend the four day summit in person this time:

Rhiload Feron-drake
Steve Ronuken
The Judge
Yukiko Kami

The council, democratically elected by the EVE community in March, will be flown in from all over the world to discuss EVE development with the development teams and producers. These summits allow both the CSM and CCP to dedicate time to sitting down face to face, present ideas and plans and give/receive feedback.The results of the summit will be presented in the form of meeting minutes after the summit (usually in the week after), and you can follow some of the action on the EVE Online social media channels. You can also follow the CSM members individually on Twitter to more closely follow their work.

As always, your feedback as an EVE player is invaluable to the CSM so this is a good time to reach out to them and tell them what you think is important for EVE Online right now.