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CSM 9 Winter Summit - Day Three Meeting Minutes

2015-01-23 - By CCP Falcon

The third day of sessions between the EVE Online Development Team and the Council of Stellar Management occured yesterday, with more talk about very important stuff.

With Ali ArasSion KumitomoCorbexxXander Phoena, corebloodbrothersSugar Kyle and progodlegend here at CCP Headquarters to attend the summit, and the rest of the council attending sessions remotely, the third day of presentations and talks were held on Thursday, January 22nd in the new 4 day summit format.

After another 8 hours of talks, we are happy to present the CSM Summit Minutes for the third day of the CSM 9 Winter Summit for your reading pleasure. Please bear in mind that the content of some of the sessions are held under NDA due to features not being finalized.

Both PDF and raw text format are available on request of the community:

We have two days of the summit left to go and will be releasing the minutes over the course of the rest of the week as talks and presentations continue. To discuss their content, feel free to head on over to this thread!