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Dark Amarr rifts chip deal with Ishukone

2004-04-11 - By Svarthol

In the wake of rising prices for the Transcranial Microcontrollers due to increased demand from the Gallente Federation, the Dark Amarrians have decided to rift the deal they made with the Ishukone Corporation, the manufacturers of the chips. A spokesman from the Khanid Kingdom explained that the price of the chips was now so high that it counteracted the benefits the chips provided in economical terms. The kingdom thus saw no reason to continue buying them. The spokesman said that those chips already purchased and currently en route to the kingdom would be implanted, and those slaves already implanted would stay that way, but otherwise the old slave policy would be reinstated.

Ishukone has released a statement following these news, stating they are sorry to lose such a valued customer as the kingdom, but insisting that the laws of the market should prevail and that the price should be dictated by those willing to pay the most for them, Federal citizens in this case.

The news have received a mixed response, many are rejoicing that the 'barbaric implantation of mind control devices' is being terminated, while others lament that the Dark Amarrians are taking up the old, brutal, ways of slavery, with no thought given to a more humane treatment of slaves.