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Delicate delegation

2003-06-10 - By CCP Hellmar

We have done changes to the corp offices you can rent at stations. Now each office is in effect 7 containers, 5 based on security clearance and 2 special, one for market activity by the corp and one for factory activity. 5 roles have been added, Security Clearance 1-5.
As the clearance "levels" are basically roles, then having clearance 5 doesn’t imply that you have clearance 1, each lower clearance has to be assigned. It was just a lot simpler for us to implement this will the existing role system as all UI and tracking options could be used.
This should allow corps to manage them selves at a much finer granularity than before. This is and has been for 3 days available for review at the test server. As a side effect of this, role pilot has been removed as it is quite redundant and it’s functionality more than included in the new system