Holiday Dev Incursion! | EVE Online

Holiday Dev Incursion!

2012-12-05 - By CCP Unifex

The holidays are coming to New Eden again and it's time to spread cheer. Normally, we would allow Sansha Claus to come in his Revenant pulled by 9 Nightmares (one with red spikes) to deliver joy to everyone, but he's still busy locking down random constellations with his whole Incursion shtick, so it falls to someone else to take up the reins.

No, we aren't talking about the Thukker Bunny. We, of course, mean CCP.

And what better way to spread this joy than through a Dev Incursion?

Dev Incursion? What’s that then?

That's right, a Dev Incursion! For those of you who were around 12 months ago, you might remember some of the events we ran last year. They were all great successes and huge fun for both us here at CCP and the players we killed and got killed by. Who can forget the billions of ISK of destruction? Good times.

Now, for those of you who weren't around, let me briefly explain what to expect.

CCP Is Coming to Town

At some point, some time in the coming days, you will suddenly hear reports through our news channels, social media, and in-game events forum that a massive CCP fleet is gathering in Polaris and getting ready to make it's merry way out into the cluster. Upon hearing these ominous reports, you can rest assured that something bad is about to go down (because what else could a bunch of devs getting a fleet together mean but trouble?)

Shortly after, the fleet will depart Polaris and use what military experts are calling “devhax” to appear in a carefully selected system somewhere in New Eden, which we will then proceed to camp with authority and rain down terrible vengeance upon any who dare come our way.

Terrible Vengeance Doesn't Sound Very Festive

In New Eden, the holidays are a much more dangerous time. Presents aren't exchanged as much as they are pried from the cold, dead hands of all those who dared stand in your way. And it's in that spirit that the Dev Incursion will roll out.

Once CCP is out in force, it's up to you players to come out and get rid of us! Get your friends and form a fleet and come to make us pay. But be careful, because we definitely will not pull any punches. Last year, we had several rather epic slugfests that ended in much death on both sides. This year will not be any different.

What to Expect?

  • Many of your favorite devs will be there! CCP Soundwave, CCP Explorer, CCP PunkturIs, CCP Zulu, myself and more. This is your chance to shoot them. When else will you get this chance? It doesn't come around often.
  • CCP will be coming out in a tough, proven fleet composition provided by our very own guru of all things ships, CCP Fozzie.
  • We will blow you up if you show up. No mercy! It doesn't matter what you bring, we will try to kill you. Frigates, battlecruisers, even Titans... Oh, please please bring a single Titan. We want to kill one.
    • Except for pods. We won't pod you. We can't promise that other players won't though. So, as always, only bring what you can afford to lose!

But I Won't Be Able to Make It!

Well, you're in luck. Because this year, even if you are shackled down in the deepest, darkest dungeon, as long as you have an internet connect (and what self respecting dungeon doesn't these days?), you'll be able to follow along.

That's right, this year we'll be live streaming the entire Dev Incursion on our CCPGames channel on!

Even if you are in game to come blow us up, you'll want to follow along on the stream. It will be hosted by CCP Fozzie (that guy is everywhere!) and feature special guests, holiday messages from CCP staff, and more. There might even be a song or two. So be sure to tune in to all the fun and come blow us up in game!