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Did you know that ... ?

2004-08-18 - By CCP Oveur

I just got an report on Offices and Research Slots, and I really wanted to share the results of these with you, since this is always the center of heated debate. This only covers corporations, not players, hence players not in a corp or slots rented by a player in a corp but not owned by the corp are not included.

The top corp rents 298 offices for their 62 members. The top 10 Corp Office renters alone rent 2302 office slots for its 802 members. The top 100 renters rent 11737 Office slots for their 6816 members. The average corporation rents 10,72 office slots. With research slots, the top renter has 99 slots for their 81 members, the top 10 renters alone rent 544 slots, the top 100 renting Corps rent 2624 slots for their 4956 members. Interesting, huh? :)

The reason for this report is to monitor the facilities prices changes and their effect on availability, I'll post new numbers later down the line.