Dragon Optimizations and Fixes | EVE Online

Dragon Optimizations and Fixes

2006-09-27 - By CCP CAPSLOCK

25245 Patchnotes

Note: A new build tracking system has been implemented. This accounts for the sudden increase in the client build number from 4561 to 25245.


  • A number of server side fixes have been added to improve load balancing and server stability.
  • Various cluster startup issues have been resolved, thus making the startup sequence "Rock Solid™".


  • Deadspace acceleration gates no longer permit the entry of carriers, freighters, dreadnoughts, motherships and titans.
  • When a structure with assembly lines is brought offline the assembly lines are no longer removed.
  • Level 4 agents no longer give referrals to level 1 storyline missions.
  • The alliance column in overview now works correctly.
  • To use corporation minerals for manufacturing, the manufacturer must have take access to the minerals.
  • The client report of logon queue status has been improved.
  • It is now possible to jump out of a station in which you have a jumpclone installed.


  • The minimum CSPA charge has been increased from 100 ISK to 2,950 ISK in an effort to combat trial account abuses and RMT spam.
  • The Chinese Language option has been removed from the Tranquility client version.