Drone Exploit Warning! | EVE Online

Drone Exploit Warning!

2013-09-19 - By CCP Falcon

Attention pilots!

Customer Support has been made aware of the use of a specific defect as a tactic in combat. The defect has to do with assigning drones to another pilot and then moving into the safety of a forcefield without having the drones deactivate or return to your dronebay.

Abusing this defect to your advantage is regarded as an exploit, and henceforth will be dealt with as such in accordance with our policies. We appreciate your assistance in making sure everyone plays in accordance with the policies we have in place.

The defect in question is being worked on and will be fixed as soon as possible. If you believe you have discovered a defect, please use the bug reporting  tool we have provided. Instructions on how to create a bug report can be found here:


Alternatively, you are always welcome to contact Customer Support directly via support ticket.

On behalf of EVE Online Customer Support