Dynamic Frontiers Update | EVE Online

Dynamic Frontiers Update

2020-11-10 - By CCP Dopamine

Bountiful Capsuleers,

The Dynamic Frontiers update is now live in EVE Online, introducing the Encounter Surveillance System to nullsec space, and also the Dynamic Bounties System!

Dynamic Bounties System

The Dynamic Bounties System (DBS) will ensure that income generation in New Eden is more evenly and fairly spread across the universe. Each solar system will have a multiplier that affects the bounty output based on player actions and risk, potentially leading to greater overall payouts.

An additional purpose for the Dynamic Bounties System is to make income generation from botting harder and give corp leaders, corp members, and sovereignty owners more tools to identify botting activities.

The DBS will be active in all nullsec systems, including those that feature NPC-held sovereignty. You can read the full details of these changes in the Dynamic Bounties System dev blog.

Encounter Surveillance System

The Encounter Surveillance System (ESS) will help create more exciting gameplay opportunities in nullsec space!

There will be a permanent ESS placed in every sovereign nullsec system, excluding NPC-held ones, and a percentage of bounties generated in each of those solar systems will be delivered to the ESS, rather than the player’s wallet. The percentage is fixed and takes effect after the Dynamic Bounties System calculation is applied, but keep in mind, there's always a risk that other players can steal the income from the ESS banks!

Be sure to read all the details in the Encounter Surveillance System dev blog.