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E-ON Awards

2007-01-12 - By Zapatero

Greetings fellow pilots and other denizens of the EVE community. I’m hoping that by now some of you will have received your copy of the latest E-ON, or in the course of the next few days will soon hear the satisfying flowp of a magazine-sized ‘lope hitting the doormat.

Within those 80 (glorious, lovingly-crafted full-colour) pages is a short article regarding something we are calling the E-ON Awards. The article was written a couple of weeks back when details were sketchier than they are now, so let me take this opportunity to fill in a few blanks – or, in the case of those who do not subscribe to the power of E-ON – let me start from the very beginning...

Back during the Fanfest, E-ON’s pint-sized publishing guru, Xicon, mentioned to me something about hosting some kind of E-ON-themed gathering in London, where the players of EVE would the be the stars, and where attendees could all bask in the glory of our collective achievement as members of a unique community. In short, he suggested that we (MMM Publishing, rather than CCP) host a real and very proper awards ceremony, one that required a swish venue, the services of some sort of catering company, loud music, alcoholic beverage consumption (in moderation, of course), trophies and - most importantly of all – some kind of voting/nomination wotsitmahdoodah doohickey. (Apologies, I have a hangover. Words are failing me.)

The actual awards ceremony, which is still being organized, is currently scheduled for July 7th, to be held at a suitable venue in London. It will be a ticket-only affair, the acquisition of which will guarantee a seat at a table, food, participation in the ceremony (heckling allowed), live music, celebrity host, much fun/hilarity and good times to be treasured for ever. What the ticket won’t guarantee is an actual award, because like all decent awards, the E-ON variety will be distributed on the basis of a democratic vote:

We have decided on 14 award categories, which will celebrate the many and varied websites, characters, personalities and collectives who have aligned themselves with the mighty EVE. In each of those categories we urge you to put forward your nominations. In April we will process those nominations and the top candidates in each award category will be put forward for a final round of voting – and the winners from stage two will be honoured in London, live, in front of hundreds of EVE fans, and – hopefully via the power of EveTV – thousands across the world.

There will be more details on the actual ceremony in the coming weeks, but for now, what we’d like you all to do is go here and type stuff. Knowing how likely some of you are to try and cheat the system, it has been carefully coded to ensure you can only nominate in all categories (minimum five) once per paid account, and once you have nominated, your nominations can't be changed. If you have any questions, ask away, or email eonawards@mmmpublishing.com...