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E-ON: The Official EVE Magazine

2005-07-15 - By Zapatero

In all the excitement in the run up to the release of the Cold War patch, one story from the latest EVE Newsletter was somewhat lost among talk of Dreadnoughts, Freighters and Outposts; that of the announcement of E-ON, the official EVE Online magazine.

First, because many of you are no doubt wondering who I am, I shall introduce myself: My name is Richie Shoemaker and I am the Editor of E-ON. I don't live in Iceland and I don't work exclusively for CCP. However I love EVE and I love magazines, especially ones about computer games. Which is perhaps why I find myself where I am today, editing a magazine for and about EVE Online. A real magazine, I hasten to add; made of paper, that you can shuffle through away from EVE and that you can read again - through bifocals - when you're old and incontinent... long after EVE has passed into memory.

In a way, E-ON will be like any other games magazine: There'll be previews of upcoming patches and expansions, interviews with dev staff, reviews and competitions. Of course being devoted entirely to one game makes it unique. But there's more to my job than copying the template to PC GameZonePlayer and adding an EVE spin on things. E-ON should be about the players as much as the game. To that end we're planning in-character interviews with EVE players, new fiction and... something that perhaps some of you can help me with?

Magazines as you may know need advertising to survive. Ads get in the way, most of us barely look at them, yet without them a magazine looks somehow 'wrong'. Well E-ON needs adverts too and because we're unlikely to have PepsiCo ringing up our Advertising Department and booking a years worth of double-page spreads, we must turn to you for help.

Basically if you have some design experience - and judging by some of the signature banners out there, many of you have - are part of a corp or alliance with a service to offer, products to sell or a message to propagate, why not come up with a full-page ad and we'll hopefully publish it in the first issue of E-ON. So long as you stick to generally established advertising rules (no stealing copyrighted material, no profanity, no blatant copying of logos/fonts/trademarks etc), you can expect to see your efforts forever enshrined in EVE history. And for those ads we publish, the creative talent behind it will earn themselves a free copy of the magazine. Just a few minor details; for the finished page you should be looking at 300dpi, A4 size, but before you get to that stage please email a decent-sized rough to eon@ccpgames.com so we can have a squiz and give it our approval before you start asking to upload a 200MB Photoshop document.

The first issue of E-ON will be available late summer and will be available to buy in-game or through the EVE Online website. Look out for enticing subscriber offers when the mag goes on sale.