Election for 13th Council of Stellar Management is open! | EVE Online

Election for 13th Council of Stellar Management is open!

2018-06-04 - By CCP Guard

Citizens of New Eden!

Today is an important day - the election for a new CSM just opened. Any citizen in an Omega clone is eligible to vote.

The CSM election uses the Single Transferrable voting system. This system allows you to order candidates by preference and have your vote move between them as they are either elected, or eliminated, to ensure that your vote still retains impact.

Voting is simple, all you have to do is go HERE, line up anywhere between 1-10 candidates in order of preference, and press "submit vote" when you're ready.

If you need to study the candidates to make sure your choice is sound, please go HERE. You have exactly one week until the voting bubble collapses at noon EVE time, Monday 11 June.

From all of us here at CCP we'd like to thank all the soon-to-be voters. The CSM is tremendously helpful to us (and you) in the development and maintenance of a complex universe. We strive to do the best we can for all of you, and having a strong CSM, with all their expertise and community connections, to both help us and, keep an eye on us from up close, is invaluable in a lot of cases.

Your vote matters.