Emblems Mass Test & Fleet Fight | EVE Online

Emblems Mass Test & Fleet Fight

2022-10-01 - By EVE Online Team

Competitive capsuleers,

The Uprising expansion – a major new narrative-driven update for EVE Online – is just around the corner and in addition to getting a sneak peek to some of the features, you can participate in a mass test today that will allow you to display corporation or alliance emblems on your ship, which in the Uprising expansion will be the initial phase of Heraldry in EVE, first announced at Fanfest 2022.

To take part in the scheduled fleet fight at 17:00 UTC today, 27th of October, start by visit the Paragon Loyalty Points Store in the Jita Trade Hub beforehand (available starting at 15:00 UTC) where you will be able to obtain emblems for free to put on your ships. Once your colors are on display, activate a SKIN on that ship and get yourself to the FD-MLJ system at 17:00 UTC today to join the fight!

For more details on how to get involved check out this dedicated forum post.