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Emergency effort gains pace in Aset

2008-10-31 - By Svarthol

Aset - The Minmatar Mining Corporation's emergency teams are now well established at site of the recent mining collapse in Aset, but have yet to begin the actual rescue dig.

"Our engineers are currently surveying the site and attempting to determine the state of the interior before we begin," reported head of emergency operations Kahlial Vik. "We need to ensure that our excavation does not put our rescue teams or any survivors in jeopardy."

When asked whether he thought if there were any actual survivors, Khalial Vik responded that "The DOMUs [Deep Ore Mining Units] that the teams operate were very robustly designed and should keep their crews safe. I'm confident our people are still alive."

Vik went on to confirm reports that the MMC's emergency team had been recently joined by a contingent of Republic Fleet vessels who he said were there to assist in rescue operations and site security.

The exact location of the site is being kept secret due to its sensitive location in the conflict zone. The Fleet has confirmed, however, that it has called upon the Tribal Liberation Force to assist in securing the system.