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Emergency warps

2004-02-26 - By Chandra

We have never been completely happy with the way a disconnect in space is handled (be it accidental or just the player exiting the client), as it has certain exploit potentials and sort of breaks immersion. This is why we have brought back on our test server a mechanism that was actually scrapped during beta a loooong time ago. The idea is simply that if a client disconnects in space for whatever reasons, the player's ship will attempt an emergency warp to some random location close by. In the same manner, when a player logs back in, his ship will be automatically warped back to the point of disconnect. Typically, this means players will come back to their ship in mid-warp to their last position. All these warp are subject to normal warp disruptions.

There are some parameters that we still have to tune, like possibly introducing a small delay before doing the warp out. Other issues might be effective differences between ship classes (pods warp very quickly, while heavier ship will be slower), but that might be a justifiable handicap. It would be nice to get your feedback on these changes.