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Emissary selection procedure finally ready to start

2005-03-01 - By Svarthol

The customary legal wrangles, that always surround every major public election in the Federation, are finally coming to an end. Now that the fierce court room scuffles are over, the battle can move into the public arena, where freelance corporation vie for the honor and prestige of getting to select an Emissary from their own ranks. As usual the candidates have tried to gain an advantage over each other by suing and counter-suing each other, hoping to come out cleaner in the ensuing mudslinging. While political analysts relish the court room dramas and love reading deep meanings into every simple gesture, the public quickly tires of the whole farce.

The candidates have spread their envoys throughout the Federation, ready to hand out assignments to those wanting to experience the vibrant democracy exercised by the Federation first hand, and perhaps win a Navy-issue Dominix while they’re at it. While the name of the game is to find the most fervent supporters of the candidates, the candidates are not above putting their adoring pilots to work. After all, it should weed out the gold diggers and leave only those truly worthy to be participants in the great democratic traditions of the Federation.