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Emperor Doriam plans to visit every Amarr planet

2003-12-28 - By Svarthol

The new Amarr Emperor Doriam II is taking a very hands-on approach to his running of affairs of his domain. Since his inauguration he has been on the move constantly, traveling from one system to another. He states he wants to ‘get intimate’ with his subjects and learn every detail about his vast domain. Some have voiced their concern over this manic approach, saying it keeps Doriam from seeing the big picture, but the populace is ecstatic with the interest their beloved leader is taking in the daily life of the Commoners.

Doriam has also found the time to visit abroad and attended a meeting at CONCORD headquarters recently. The issue being discussed was the increased threat posed by pirates and other bandit elements in the outer regions. Doriam expressed his concerns in the matter and suggested an inter-racial committee should be formed to further look into it, highlighting the Emperor’s great belief in bureaucratic process and teamwork. His suggestion was met with some skepticism from the delegates of the other empires and was not supported, though no definite decision was made regarding the pirate threat.