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Empire Frontiers

2022-12-01 - By EVE Online Team

Triumphant capsuleers,

Across the cluster, loyal capsuleers have risen up and supported their empires in the race to obtain and leverage exciting new technology. These goals were achieved through capsuleers taking part in Factional Warfare, exploration (hacking), and mining activities within the hottest warzones. Mounting tensions due to these conflicts have led to seismic events in New Eden, such as the devastation in the Minmatar system of Turnur caused by the Amarr stellar transmuter, as well as the Gallente invasion of Intaki, and the Caldari seizing multiple systems in the Syndicate region.

The Empire Frontiers events seeded much of the growing tension that has resulted in the above consequences. With these events now at an end, what are the results of the Amarr vs Minmatar race for stellar transmuter technology, and the Caldari-Gallente stargate construction in Athounon?

Amarr Empire vs Minmatar Republic

Aggressive advances by the Amarr Empire in Turnur, Egmar, and Vard meant that they had a stellar transmuter pointed at the sun in each of those systems in lowsec. The Minmatar Republic then rallied to take over Egmar and Vard, while the Amarr maintained their hold over Turnur. Both factions called on those loyal to them to collect data vital to their progress in the surrounding systems, with the Amarr obtaining their results just ahead of the Minmatar.

What happened next was the catastrophic loss of control and destruction of the Amarr stellar transmuter in Turnur due to instability within the star, followed by the devastation of Turnur I and subsequent new wormhole phenomena in-system.

Meanwhile, the Minmatar were able to help save Egmar and Vard from the same fate. Capsuleers loyal to the Republic successfully depowered the stellar transmuters around those respective stars, spurred on to achieve their goals in those systems and ensuring that the devastation seen in Turnur was not repeated.

Capsuleers on both sides earned tokens which they either sold for ISK or exchanged at Loyalty Point stores for early access to Amarr and Minmatar navy battlecruiser and navy frigate blueprint copies (BPCs).

Caldari State vs Gallente Federation

When capsuleers discovered a mysterious structure on Athounon V and started recovering data fragments of what may have taken place on the planet’s surface, the Caldari State and Gallente Federation rapidly assembled forces in the Samanuni and Amygnon systems, respectively. They called upon loyal capsuleers for assistance in constructing a stargate from their respective systems to Athounon, with the Caldari scoring a resounding success by finishing their project well ahead of the Gallente, linking Samanuni to Athounon.

Capsuleers aiding the Caldari also decimated Gallente efforts in obtaining tokens through Factional Warfare, exploration, and resource gathering activities, meaning that they were able to trade them for ISK or navy frigate and battlecruiser BPCs ahead of their wider release with the Uprising expansion on 8 November.

Speaking of the events of 8 November, outside parties had thought that the build-up of Gallente forces in the Amygnon system was purely to prepare for the outcome of discoveries in Athounon, but it was in fact in preparation for the surprise invasion of Intaki! Federation forces took Intaki Prime and 10 surrounding systems, creating shockwaves throughout New Eden. As a result, the Caldari State moved to occupy the constellation of DS-M4Q by invitation from the Intaki Syndicate, as well as establishing a stronger presence in Athounon and preventing the Gallente from completing their gate construction.

Congratulations to all triumphant capsuleers who aided their empire’s quest for advancement, secured prized territory for the cause, and earned early access to valuable rewards, plus plenty of ISK and glory! Keep your eyes peeled and your ears to the ground for further developments as more details regarding the nature of the Triglavian research tech found on Athounon V will be revealed as the story unfolds.