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Empires to change buyback tactics due to market problems

2004-06-03 - By Svarthol

The empires are hard at work collecting body parts in order to win the favor of the Jovians. According to the latest information, however, scammers are undermining their efforts to buy back body parts through the open market. Due to the scammers it has been all but impossible for the commissioners working for the empires to find customers. This has forced their hands into changing tactics. Thus, after consulting with the SCC and empire representatives at CONCORD, the commissioners have decided to cancel their market orders forthwith.

Starting next week they will instead revert back to the age old system of direct trade, bypassing the SCC markets. The commissioners will set up shop at specific locations at specific times and engage in direct one-on-one trade with anyone wishing to sell their body parts to the empires. The same criteria for minimum order size will prevail, and the price will also be the same. The empires are confident that this simple system will finally allow them to get their hands on the body parts. Details on the exact place and time for each commissioner will be revealed later on.