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Employee Corruption at Dynasty Banking

2009-07-01 - By Svarthol

Hek, Metropolis - Dynasty Banking must now add employee corruption to its troubles, after an employee was discovered offering to sell access to DBANK's sensitive data.

In the last few days, a Dynasty Banking employee has contacted Interstellar Correspondents attempting to sell sensitive data, including inside information and internal bank communications.

While "insider trading" practices are common in New Eden's commodities markets, the fact that Dynasty Banking's internal communications are already for sale might indicate that discontent might be growing among the bank's staff.

Asked to express her opinion on Dynasty Banking's alleged leak, EBank's "interim CEO" Athre told us that financial institutions must be vigilant regarding their data and points out that it takes a lot of work to prevent leaks, as they are hard to find and correct.

Athre was also surprised to discover DBANK's private information already for sale: "From the outside it appears information was very limited even to employees. [however] It is possible that an employee took that a sign of lack of faith or disrespect."

While Dynasty Banking's crisis unfolds, customers are growing more and more skeptical about recovering their ISK.

Bank customer Glyn Davish was one of those that sensed something was amiss: "I should have known something wasn't right when the delay between withdrawal requests and the ISK hitting my wallet was taking longer than usual", he says.

DBANK officers have been contacted for information, but have not responded to any enquiries.

Interstellar Correspondents will continue monitoring the situation and will report as soon as new information is made available.

[An earlier version of this article stated that we had been approached by someone selling the bank's database. This is a mistake on our part for which we apologise. We have been offered "inside information, including private employee posts on the DBANK forums". Our apologies for any confusion that may have been caused.]

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