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Empyrean Age and all that - Embedded Reporting!

2008-06-06 - By CCP Ginger

"I believe in equality for everyone, except reporters and photographers."
~ Mahatma Gandhi.

We have a new concept with the coming of factional warfare: Embedded Reporting.

For Factional Warfare, we want our news feeds to capture the raw, tense feeling of an ongoing war. This is hard to do at present, as our reporters have remained distant from their subjects in order to retain their objectivity.

Enter Embedded Reporting. Each faction will have its own news corporation, employing a pool of embedded reporters. These intrepid journalists will fly alongside people in their factional militia and report back from the very heart of the action, guns firing all around and missiles roaring past their vessels. Those vessels will be small, modified "Media Shuttles" with higher agility than regular ones, no cargo holds and no way whatsoever of affecting the action around them.

The news feeds will be available from the battlefield intelligence window, but we will also copy certain news reports to the global news so all players can read up the comings and goings in factional warfare from the view points of these embedded reporters.

This is a departure from our usual reporting, and we hope to make it a fun and informative one for all involved. If you would like to join the Interstellar Correspondents in this grand venture then, please submit an application.