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EON#5 magazine; landing on planets and doormats soon

2006-09-20 - By Zapatero

A rundown of what’s to be featured in E-ON#5 is now online, along with the cover image (by CCP’s Lead Concept Artist, no less), which clearly alludes to the big story this issue actually being a story, which is sure to please the Library forum regulars and irk those hoping for some more far-future speculation on EVE over the coming years. But fear not, wild speculation is in full effect, for we have the mighty Oveur himself (yes, him) talking about planets and what CCP have planned for them. Ahhh, see, now you’re interested.

As well as free poster for subscribers (of this impressive scene), EON #005 is going to be slightly bigger than previous issues with a quite EVE-tastic 80 pages. Issue #001 was a mere sliver with 68 – speaking of which we've gone ahead with a reprint of E-ON’s debut issue, and you can now take out a subscription from the first issue. If you do, remember that you'll have to resubscribe from #5 (if you want to). Or you can buy a single issue - up to you. Issue #1.01 will be avilable from Friday and Issue #5 will be ready for mailing on October 6th.

Just to add that we’ve selected the ads that will be published for EON #5 from the following entities:

  • Maelstrom
  • EVE Network News
  • PvP University
  • Hadean Drive Yards
  • Edge Foundation
  • Body Count Inc
  • Phoenix Propulsion Labs
  • EVE Radio
  • Goonswarm
  • Trinity Nova

That’ll be 350m ISK each please, payable to me, Zapatero. The money will be disseminated to our glorious band of writers, who again have done a sterling job.

And final congratulations to Christopher Standley who won the EON #4 Fan Fest competition and who’ll be travelling and staying in Iceland courtesy of CCP (beer money not included!)