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EON Issue #3 - available to pre-order, ships April 7th

2006-03-08 - By Zapatero

The third issue of EON magazine is now available for pre-order. We are deep into production right now but it will be ready for posting on April 7th. As ever you can buy a single issue or subscribe from Issue#2 or Issue#3. Be careful when you order as there are four options; a single issue #3, a single issue #2, a subscription starting from issue #3 and a subscription starting from issue #2. Issue #1 has sold out and issue #2 won’t be far behind.

An early version of the front cover will be online soon.

As to the contents, well the main feature should have everything you need to know about EVE’s graphics engine (Trinity), especially the visual treats in store later this year when graphical updates start rolling out. And yes, we’ll have pictures!!!

More forward-thinking is offered with an update on EVE’s assault on the Chinese online gaming massive, plus an interview with CCP CEO Hellmar

It’s not all about the future though, as we’ll be raking through EVE’s beta phase and all the events that have shaped the current EVE universe. We can’t offer a definitive history of EVE’s early days, but it’s as close as you’re going to get. Author Reiisha even managed to get hold of some long-since departed EVE characters. Ragnar, anyone?

As ever there’ll be new Chronicles, in character profiles (including Seleene and Hardin (whip crack away, whip crack away)), competitions, news, interviews and player guides.

I would like to thank those of you who submitted images for ‘Postcards From The Edge.’ We had some great images and we’ll use what we can elsewhere if not in the section intended.

Regarding advertisements, so far we’ve had ads from ICSC, EDF, CAPCI, MC Cubed (EVEtrack), TRUST, Guiding Hand, 1st Praetorian Guard, ISS and MC. There’s still time for those thinking of squeezing out an ad to get a first draft to us. You have until Friday 10th March to get your draft entry in, ‘winners’ will be notified on 13th/14th March and corrected/final versions will be needed for the 17th March. If you have any questions regarding ads you can email us at ads@mmmpublishing and/or check out this ancient blog.

It should be a pretty good magazine I reckon.

Thanks for reading and happy patch day

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