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Epic Pirates Use Speed Boats

2009-11-16 - By CCP Jasonitas

So you want to be a pirate, eh? You want to work for those crusty dogs roaming the high seas of nullsec? You want to turn your back on the Empires – or at least get yours at their expense? Say no more! Now's your chance to earn some cred with those scalliwags of space: the NPC pirate factions.

We have two new epic arcs on the way for Dominion, both centered on pirate factions, namely the Guristas and the Angel Cartel. With these arcs, you can fly with the 'rats in 0.0, looting and plundering and fighting like only they know how. But first, I'll give you a brief description of both arcs:

Guristas arc, "Smash and Grab"

Not all is well in Venal, the home of the Guristas pirates. The Caldari Navy have slowly infiltrated the region, setting up small outposts and fleet bunkers in pirate territory, hoping to bring some sense of peace and order to the lawless area. But the Guristas have a plan, and they are enlisting you to aid in the pushback. Using guerilla tactics and stealthy maneuvers, you will assist the pirates as they engage the Navy in widespread sabotage. From the theft of secret ship design, to traversing Navy minefields, kamikaze warfare, double-crossing agents, and sadistic spies, you will aid the Guristas in their ongoing turf war in the outer limits of space.

Angels arc, "Angel Sound"

_For years the Angel Cartel has been the undisputed master of both advanced and ancient technology among the pirate factions. But with the appearance of wormholes and the discovery of Sleeper technology, that advantage is at risk of disappearing. Cartel agents are recruiting capsuleers for missions of sabotage and destruction aimed at preserving the technological edge of the Angels. You will travel through Angel and Serpentis space, along the way destroying Sansha exploration teams, fighting off Gurista raids, and showing the Empires the dangers of encroaching into pirate space.  _

Because these arcs are predominantly based in nullsec, we have designed them to account for the play style and dangers that can be found in 0.0. Dubbing these arcs "speed boat arcs," we decided to focus the missions to be playable by and for Interceptors, although other frigate- and destroyer-sized ships can do these missions as well. Why Interceptors? Mainly, we wanted mission runners to be able to do these missions and avoid bubbles, gate camps, and the other hazards of 0.0 space. We can control the environment you experience in the missions, but we can't control the environment en route to those missions. Thus, we're making it so that these missions are still challenging yet playable with a PVP-fit Interceptor, but with a reduced risk of losing your ship. However, this is not to say that there is no risk in these missions; you are still in 0.0, after all. Fit your ship accordingly. The pirate's life is a dangerous one.

A few questions that are probably popping into your head (complete with answers!):

1. What are the standings requirements for these arcs? What if I don't have the proper standings to run it? I tanked my standings pretty bad, but I really want to play these! Can I?

he starting agents for this arc arcs are all Level 3, Quality 7. However, keep in mind that these missions are designed to be flown with Interceptors, so this is the relative difficulty measured in relation to Interceptors and other T2 Frigates, not (Battle)Cruisers or Battleships.

We understand that your pirate faction standings may be bad, and we've designed around that. Each pirate arc has four starting points for you to begin your swashbuckling adventure. There are multiple agents you can go to for each arc in order to start these epic arcs, including both empire agents and pirate agents. Thus, if you don't have Guristas standings, for example, but you do have high Caldari or Gallente standings, you can still run the Guristas arc. All you have to do is find the right initial agent to let you in the door.

Oh yeah, here are the agents:

Angel Sound
Starting Agents/Location:

Aton HordnertMinmatarRepublic Security ServicesEgbingerMolden Heath (lowsec)
Arajna AshiaAmarrAmarr NavySendayaDerelik (lowsec)
Ellar StinAngel CartelDominationsKonoraMetropolis (lowsec)
Abdiel VeratAngel CartelArchangelsK-QWHE (Archangels Assembly Plant)Curse (nullsec)

Smash and Grab
Starting Agents/Location:

Atma AulatoCaldariYtiriObeThe Forge (lowsec)
Arment CauteGallenteFederal Intelligence OfficeOrvollePlacid (hisec)
Yada VinjivasGuristas PiratesGuristasTaisyLonetrek (lowsec)
Kori LatamakiGuristas PiratesGuristasH-PA29 (M2 - Guristas Assembly Plant)Venal (nullsec)

2 Is it possible for me to lose standing with an Empire faction by running this arc?

Yes, it is certainly possible. You are running with the pirates, after all. Don't expect to curry any favors with the Caldari State by flying for the Guristas, for example. But, will we reward you with other booty? Yes, including increased standing with certain pirate factions. Pirates protect their own, you know.

3. Should I bring my faction Battleship to these missions? I have it really tricked out and ready for any level 4 mission.

I would not recommend this action. First, you will not be able to enter some of the deadspace pockets in the arc with your Battleship. (Though you can with your Interceptor.) Second, you are going to be a prime target for certain players in 0.0 space. Third, enter these arcs at your own risk. Nullsec is a much different beast than empire space, so don't treat these arcs like you would with other missions.

4. What about loot? Is there sweet loot to be had?

Absolutely. You'll get a pirate faction Cruiser BPC, along with tons of ISK and whatnot. Perhaps even a cool mod, like a Dread Guristas ECM Mulispectral Jammer or a Domination Target Painter.

5. What about standings? Will this arc repair my standings with the pirates?

Yep. Each pirate arc will give you a 30% standings gain as part of the reward. Consider it a sort of “redemption” mechanic: Running this arc will put you rather favorably in the eyes of the pirates, and you’ll be able to redeem yourself anew with those salty dogs. Even if you’ve tanked your standings to the point of no return, well, this may be your road to redemption.

6. Will you enjoy these arcs?

Yes. We most certainly believe you will.

  -- CCP Jasonitas