EVE Cinematic Retrospective with CCP Zond 3 | EVE Online

EVE Cinematic Retrospective with CCP Zond 3

2020-04-03 - By CCP Convict

Hello spacefriends!

Last weekend we hosted an epic stream on the CCP Twitch channel where the EVE community gathered together for a Clear Skies marathon with series creator Ian Chisholm. It was a big hit with the players and the feels were real, so let's go again!

As a follow up to that event, and off the back of our epic Eclipse Quadrant 2 trailer, we'll go for another walk down memory lane, this time with CCP's Cinematic Lead - CCP Zond 3.

EVE Online trailers are near and dear to many of our hearts and often define the various epochs of EVE Online that we've experienced, and we all have our favourites from years past. CCP Zond 3 has been with CCP for a long time and his fingerprints are all over the trailers you know and love and he will be sharing his insights about their creation with us all.

Even before joining CCP, Zond 3 was actively creating EVE cinematics - the most famous of which is probably player favourite EVE Never Fades - and we'll be discussing those too!

In between enjoying some classic EVE trailers together, we'll be talking with CCP Zond 3 about the creative process that goes into them, the tools he uses and the challenges our cinematics team faces when trying to deliver the most amazing visuals in our industry to the players of EVE Online.

Along the way, for the first time ever, we'll be showing never before seen work-in-progress versions of some of the most famous EVE trailers which will probably surprise and delight those who are watching live!

So tune into the offical CCP Twitch channel from 19:30 EVE time on Sunday, 5 April for this special event!