EVE Online: Crucible to be deployed on Tuesday, November 29 | EVE Online

EVE Online: Crucible to be deployed on Tuesday, November 29

2011-11-28 - By Svarthol

EVE Online: Crucible is scheduled for deployment during an extended downtime on Tuesday, November 29. Downtime will begin at 08:00 UTC and is expected to be completed at 14:00 UTC, additionally our websites, including account management, will be offline from 8:15 UTC until approximately 10:30 UTC.

Within EVE's eternal crucible of warfare, politics and industry, even the most passionate and skilled are tested. EVE Online: Crucible pumps the bellows, turning up the heat on the space combat experience in EVE Online. In the factional shipyards, new ships have been forged to expand the reach of war and evolve the tactics of space engagement while existing vessels have been reimagined, bringing greater balance and diversity to large and small scale conflicts. This winter, Crucible evolves the graphics, interface and game mechanics with over three dozen updated and improved features based on feedback and challenges put forth by its players. This is EVE re-forged.

For more information about the latest EVE Online expansion, please visit the Crucible feature page. Patch notes are available here.

We would encourage players to provide feedback in this thread.