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EVE Online Graphic Novel, Artists Wanted

2005-09-16 - By kieron

Are you an artist with a comic book background, familiar with pencils, color, lettering, covers, or design? You think you have an eye for the EVE universe and are just waiting for the opportunity to put it down on paper?

Modi Thorsson, a veteran graphic novel writer with credits including works for Wizards of the Coast, is in the process of producing a graphic novel based on the EVE universe. This effort will be produced by Modi, with distribution through the traditional comic book outlets and the EVE Store.

If you are an artist with a comic book background and interested in the possibility of working on an EVE graphic novel, contact Modi by sending an e-mail to jovianmothership@gmail.com. Please include your resume/CV and your experience. Potential artists will be screened by Modi and Kári Gunnarsson, CCP Games Art Director.

  • I fixed the email address, it had an extra 's' at the end, Oveur.