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EVE Portal - See the New Wallet UI Early!

2019-12-05 - By CCP Dopamine

Inquisitive Capsuleers,

When you download EVE Portal, the official EVE Online companion app, after the upcoming update you will get to see the new and improved UI for the wallet early! These changes are due to be implemented in EVE Online for the Free Market Release on 10 December, but why not get yourself a sneak peek by downloading EVE Portal and checking out what's changed?

Having the wallet in EVE Portal means that you can track changes in your wealth anytime and from anywhere. Up to 6 months' worth of ISK, PLEX, and market transaction history will be available via EVE Portal, as well as options for display color scheme and Group View for locating entry types more rapidly.

How do I update my app?

EVE Portal will be updated from 05:00 am to 08:40 am UTC on 6 December and you will not be able to login to EVE Portal during this period. The new version of the EVE Portal app will become available in the store sometime in the following 24 hours, depending on your region.

You can find the updated app here:

If you're viewing this on your PC, then feel free to scan this QR code with your phone for a link directly to the relevant store page.

Alternatively, you can search for EVE Portal in App Store or Google Play. We highly suggest that you close the EVE Portal app once the update starts, and don't run it until the update is over.

Please note that once the new version has been deployed, it is required to update it before you can log in to EVE Portal.