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EVE Portraits Round 6 Completed

2012-12-19 - By CCP Phantom
by ISD Tedra Kerrigan

New Eden - The EVE Portraits competition Round 6 has closed and the winners have been announced.

First place winner was Panselutza, who will be taking home an Iteron Mark IV Quafe Ultramarine Edition. Second Place was seized by Otsu 'IHATEPANTS' Date, winning an Iteron Mark IV Quafe Ultra Edition. Third Place winner Luckbringer will receive an Iteron Mark IV Amastris Edition.

All non-winning entrants have also received a consolation prize.

Their competition entries can be viewed at the EVE Portraits official site.

Reality X, organizer of the competition, had the following to say about the event: "This round of the competition had 270 entries, more than double the previous round. It was awesome to see so many capsuleers participate, and once again the community support has been fantastic."

He was also kind enough to give us a brief rundown of what attracted him to each winner: Luckbringer, in Third Place, looked like a man who has seen a lot of action - the capsuleer also managed a lighting trick that made his eyes look different colors - while Otsu looked like she was trying to break free from the confines of her portrait. Panselutza, on the other hand, was an intense and unique entry, strongly emotive, yet simple.

EVE Portraits have promised more surprises in the new year, and we will be watching closely.

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