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EVE Ship Models Now Available

2019-12-19 - By CCP Dopamine

Hello, loot-collecting Capsuleers,

Earlier this year at EVE Vegas, we announced our partnership with Mixed Dimensions who will help us bridge the vast universe of EVE Online with a physical world by producing 3D printed models of ships. As of this week, the wait is finally over and the first seven magnificent hulls are available for purchase on the official Mixed Dimensions website.

The selection at launch features ships from each major faction and is available in different sizes to better tailor to your individual needs. Do not fret if you don’t see your favorite vessel on the website because more ship styles are expected to be offered for sale in 2020, becoming available in releases throughout the year!

It is very exciting to see Mixed Dimensions using their state of the art 3D printers combined with proprietary software and talented artists to bring high-quality models of EVE Online ships directly to your home.

Let us know on Twitter which ships you would like to see added in the future and follow Mixed Dimensions for news about their work!