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Eve University Moves Campus - Massive Fleet Traverses Empire

2009-07-27 - By Svarthol

Korsiki, The Forge - A massive fleet of 150 ships owned by Eve University members was been spotted leaving Korsiki on 25.07.111.

Eve University, a training corporation that helps new capsuleers get up-to-speed with the complexities of capsuleer life has largely used Korsiki solar system as main base of operations. The corporation is moving its headquarters to Aldrat in a bid to find a more suitable learning ground for its students.

Although most assests had already been moved, a joint operation was considered a good learning opportunity and a fleet operation was called. "[It has] given us a good chance to teach the members all about suicide ganking, and techniques on moving large volumes of assets, for example," Kelduum Revaan explained, adding that fleet was comprised mostly of transports, industrial vessels and freighterss, plus some combat vessel acting as an escort.

According to Eve University's executives, moving to Minmatar space will allow students to enjoy lesser competition when it cames to learning trade and manufacturing. Furthermore, the new headquarter is just few jumps away from the famed "Rancer gauntlet", a low-security route between Hek and Jita the professors thought ideal for combat training. Finally, mining classes will also benefit from the relocation as less-exploited asteroid belts will allow more mining classes and operations.

Eve University students spoken to felt their learning schedules had not been dampened by the move. Therinda Nax explained that "nothing has slowed down... it is just surprising that no-one has war dec'ed us in the meantime." Ki'Tori, another student, believed the move would not affect his studies. "[It will] probably improve my income, since we'll get better missioning." He also added that moving away from Jita could improve his trading margins too.

After leaving Korsiki, the fleet reached Aldrat in about one hour. "The [flight] was quite uneventful; no run-ins with pirates, and barring one of our directors and his disagreement with the Gallente Navy, there wasn't really much involved other than coordinating [operations]," Kelduum Revaan confirmed.

Temporary headquarters have been set up at Aldrat IX - Moon 13, but the permanent new head office will be set up at Aldrat IX - Pator Tech School as soon as some logistic work is completed. As for University's future, Kelduum said "We're just continuing to teach new pilots in all aspects of capsuleer life, and improving our services to the community"

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