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Eve Voice Testing

2007-02-24 - By CCP Sharkbait

The EVE Voice Service is active on TQ, but access to it is currently 'invite only' for testing purposes. We want to begin load testing with approx. 10k participants next week, check for hardware compatibility issues and get first impressions/feedback from those involved in the test.

Windows Vista users will be able to use the EVE Voice Service when Revelations 1.4 is deployed by end of March or when an optional patch is released.

Throughout the week, we will be inviting corporations and alliances to participate in testing. In order to participate, account needs to have EVE Voice activated. If your corporation or alliance wishes to participate, a representative of the corporation or alliance should submit a list of member character names to SCC@ccpgames.com.

In order to ease the sign-up process, we ask that only active EVE players be included in the invitation request, blanket requests of entire corporations including inactive character names will be rejected.

We are aware of hardware compatibility issues with some Realtek sound cards. At the present, they do not work with the service but they do not crash nor give an error. Updates on Realtek compatibility issues will be added to the discussion thread.

If you’re having problems with the EVE Voice service, we’ll be needing the following:

  • Vivox diag report
  • Dxdiag report
  • Eve logfile

Vivox diag file:

Download the Vivox diagnostic program here, and move it to your C: drive.:

  • Press start
  • Press run
  • Type into the run box: CMD
  • In the dos box type: cd \
  • Then type in the dos box: VxcAudioDiag > TestResults.txt

This will generate a TestResults.txt file on your C: drive.

Dxdiag Report:

  • Press start
  • Press run
  • Type: dxdiag
  • Then select: “Save all information”


  • In the eve directory is a program called logserver, please start this.
  • Select file / start new workspace
  • Then run eve and log in as normal
  • Once you are ingame please try to join an audio channel by right clicking on a channel title bar.
  • If you are unable to join the audio, please go to logserver and select file / save workspace.

Once you have all 3 files please zip them all together and attach them to a bugreport with the title: “Vivox – “yourproblem””