EVE VS TWITCH 2 - Friday, April 6 | EVE Online

EVE VS TWITCH 2 - Friday, April 6

2018-04-05 - By CCP Guard

Twitch VS EVE 2 is happening tomorrow, Friday April 6, in a region near you!

Brought to you by Streamfleet.org, the event will feature 50 of your favorite EVE streamers under the control of elite FCs!

The action starts at 21:00 UTC (EVE time) on ALL of their channels and you can find the full list with links HERE.

Fleet 1 will be lead by Killah Bee

Fleet 2 will be lead by Bjorn Bee

Fleet 3 will be lead by Zarvox Toral

Fleet 4 will be lead by ProgodLegend

We expect all of you to undock and give them fierce resistance as they rampage through your neighborhoods...and to throw in a bit of incentive, CCP is donating 500 PLEX to the first 10 pilots to blow up a streamer from each of the four fleets!

Markee Dragon is being very generous in donating prizes to the streamers to give out to viewers during the event so plan your Friday night accordingly and check out those streams!

See you in space...safety off o7