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EVE X Apple

2021-10-13 - By EVE Online Team

Visionary Capsuleers,

EVE Online is now fully native on Mac, with a brand-new client bringing improved graphics and visual effects, reduced RAM and power usage, full support for Mac keyboards & mice, and more!

As the ongoing Gateway Quadrant continues to see a great influx of new players, there’s no better time to dive into New Eden. Immerse yourself in a full realization of the vast and limitless world of EVE Online, and experience the game on Mac as never before.

To commemorate this release, you can look forward to new daily login rewards stocked with Quafe Zero Green Apple, a sparkling new product line from the beloved Quafe brand. These rewards will provide pilots with party packs of the premier Capsuleer performance drink of New Eden, as well as various celebratory SKINs until 11:00 UTC on 19 October!

Mac users’ feedback during the client’s time on the Singularity test server has provided vital assistance – thank you all for helping to make this a reality! Any general feedback you might have is welcome, and you can find a specific thread to post it to on the EVE Forums.

After installing the latest launcher version, the migration from the previous Wine client to the new Mac client will begin automatically, seamlessly ushering players on both Intel and M1 Mac machines into this new experience.

Welcome to a new era. See you in space, and fly safe!