Tune in this Sunday for the EVE_NT Championship! | EVE Online

Tune in this Sunday for the EVE_NT Championship!

2016-11-18 - By CCP Guard

The EVE_NT Championship continues this Sunday at 19:45 UTC and will be broadcast on the EVE_NT TV Twitch channel. We want to point this highly ambitious series of events out to all of you, and urge everyone interested in competitive PVP to tune in and support the growing EVE-sports scene. For new and returning EVE players this is a great opportunity to learn more about spaceships by soaking up the commentator knowledge. The tournament is organized and run by some of EVE's most seasoned fleet commanders and Alliance Tournament veterans and makes for perfect viewing during EVE's busiest hours of the week.

One interesting aspect for fans of ship fitting and piloting skill is that the fights will be fought with a selection of pre-fitted ships, giving viewers and commentators easier understanding of the action and the quality of the pilots' performances. To keep things tricky, they have an interactive pick and ban phase before each match where the two captains go head to head trying to outwit one another while building their team.

For more information you can read up in the EVE_NT website or watch these videos made by Hendrick Tallardar explaining the tournament system. For those who can't wait, HERE is a playlist of previous fights to get you familiar with the tournament and major players, and warmed up for this weekend´s bloodshed!

Have a great weekend in space!