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Exodus Deployment +1 Day

2004-11-25 - By kieron

Here we are, 30 hours after the deployment of Exodus. How has the deployment done so far? I'd have to say rather well. There were some unexpected issues that came up (downloads of the client/patch causing lag and lag related issues, Contraband causing Customs Police CONCORDOKEN, increased difficulty in PvE), but overall the upgrade went well. The server stayed stable and no revert was required.

Since that's out of the way, there's some more information to pass along. There is a new Player Guide available for download. The Guide is in .pdf format, so Adobe Acrobat is required to view it. A hearty "Thank You!" to the Devs, GMs, ISD and players that contributed to the Guide.

Download hosting is something that came up during the deployment. The popularity and sizes of the full install client and patch caused game lag with some attendant issues. I'd like to thank the media sites and players that stepped up and offered mirrors, hosting and BitTorrent seeding. A list of players and sites can be found in this thread on the forums.

Issues that have arisen since the deployment are being addressed and fixed as soon as they are discovered. Information on these fixes can be found on the forums under the General Discussion thread. Just look for the stickies at the top of the first page.

As I have stated before, thanks to all the players for their patience, understanding and continued support!