Exploit Notification Clarification - Starbase Forcefield Ship Bumping | EVE Online

Exploit Notification Clarification - Starbase Forcefield Ship Bumping

2013-12-11 - By CCP Falcon

Since there seems to have been some confusion regarding the meaning of Customer Support's exploit notification regarding Starbase forcefield access, the announcement has been clarified below for reference:

It is considered an exploit to bump ships that are located within starbase force-fields by any means that bypasses the requirement for a correct password or access permissions, as configured in the starbase tower settings, to achieve the bump. If a password or access permission would not normally be required to achieve the bump, the action is not covered by this notification.

Attempts to bypass the game mechanics of starbase force-fields are fully visible in server logs to CCP Games’ staff and will result in appropriate action taken against the involved user accounts as per the EVE Online Suspension and Ban Policy from here on.

Pro Tip:

In order to prevent problems with ships being bumped out of a starbase force-field from inside, by accident or by intention by players with legitimate access, owners are advised to park them in Ship Maintenance Arrays. X-Large Ship Maintenance Arrays were made available without the need for sovereignty with the Odyssey expansion so this option should be available to everyone.