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Explosions Reported at Hyasyoda Refinery

2008-11-10 - By Svarthol

Early morning operations at Hyasyoda's Urlen refinery station came to a brief halt this morning as the facility was shaken by several internal explosions. The cause of the explosions is unknown at this time. Despite panicked initial reports to the contrary, both the Caldari Navy and the State Protectorate both report that the incident was not caused by enemy actions, and that the station's superstructure and systems security remains unbreached.

Company officials have refused to answer questions or even acknowledge the incident. "Refining operations at all Hyasyoda facilities are currently operating within acceptable norms to maximum capacity," the company said in a prepared statement through Jamille Eron, a staffer in Hyasyoda's public relations department. "No disruption of corporate operations has occurred; it is business as usual for the corporation today."

In other news, Hyasyoda also announced the sudden and immediate resignation of Deputy Vice-President of Public Relations Rajateri Zehiman. Mr. Zehiman's resignation comes as a surprise to many outside Hyasyoda. Per their employment policies, Hyasyoda has declined to comment on Mr. Zehiman's departure.