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Additional Geckos Now Available!

2014-05-13 - By CCP Falcon

The clock has stopped and the results of the EVE is 11 challenge are now in!

The community has reached four of the eight goals that were set for the award of an additional eight Geckos, these are:

  • Volume of ore mined - First goal
  • Volume of ore mined - Second goal
  • Science & Industry jobs submitted - First goal
  • Science & Industry jobs submitted - Second goal

Clearly this indicates that our miners and industrialists are far better at what they do than our combat pilots, and next time around our combat focused capsuleers need to step up their game!*

This means that in addition to the three Geckos gifted to the community on May 6th, EVE's 11th Anniversary, a further four are now available in the redeeming system of every subscribed EVE Online account thanks to the relentless rock chewing of our miners and the tenacity of those who oversee manufacturing and reserach in New Eden. 

Be sure to claim them before the redemption token expires on June 3rd with the Kronos release!

Happy 11th Anniversary to everyone!

*Just kidding, don't pod me.