Extra-Life donation on October 25th | EVE Online

Extra-Life donation on October 25th

2014-10-24 - By CCP Gargant

On October 25th National Game Day will officially begin in the USA at 8 AM US Central Time. Numerous players will game for 24 hours as participants in the Extra-Life program; a program that is under the umbrella of Children's Miracle Network Hospitals and aims to raise donations for sick or injured children.

Rick Spies, aka Bacchanalian, will partake in the Extra-Life program and play EVE Online, among other games, during a 24-hour gaming marathon. If he manages to raise $10,000 he will bring out his super-carrier to play, dropping the Nyx into a low-sec system to be killed by whomever shows up.

To help Bacchanalian reach his objective, CCP Games will be matching donations that he recieves dollar-for-dollar, up to a maximum contribution by CCP of $5,000. We want to support the Extra-Life project, but also really want to see a super-carrier destroyed for charity, and we think Bacchanalian will provide an excellent 24-hour marathon of gaming for the kids.

Bacchanalian is of course not the only EVE Online player who will participate in the Extra-Life program, and we encourage everyone to partake as much as they can, want, or desire. It is for an extremely good cause, and together we can make a difference. If you want to contribute to the cause, head over here.