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Factional Warfare – Direct Enlistment

2023-03-03 - By EVE Online Team

Attention, capsuleers!

You may have noticed that as part of the ongoing narrative arc in New Eden, the long-established alliances between major empires have started to fracture. This is highlighted in the latest episode of The Scope where Alton Haveri reports on the cracks appearing in Caldari-Amarr, and Gallente-Minmatar relations as the empires race to develop transport and power technologies, and credible allegations of espionage circulate.

With relationships cracking, the empires are more desperate than ever for capsuleer support through Direct Enlistment. This much-anticipated feature mentioned in the Producer’s Letter - From Uprising to New Conquests is now available for testing on the Singularity test server. Direct Enlistment allows you to participate in Factional Warfare (FW) activities on behalf of any of the empires without needing to leave your current corporation or alliance.

Within the Direct Enlistment feature, Personal Enlistment allows a capsuleer to enroll via this new pathway, enabling FW participation without leaving a currently unaligned player corp. Joining FW via the currently existing pathways (joining a militia corp) would come under Group Enlistment.

It is possible that within any player corp there may be members siding with any of the four main empires, but for those who want to avoid diplomatic incidents, corp directors can select which of the four they will permit their members to personally enlist with.

Be sure to check out The Scope to stay informed of all the significant narrative developments, jump on Singularity now to test out Direct Enlistment, and then join the discussion on the EVE Online forums!


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