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Failed escape attempt, Guristas terrorist terminated.

2005-07-12 - By Svarthol

THE FORGE. In a failed attempt to escape CONCORD custody, the well-know Gurista terrorist Bleak Scarab was hunted down and his pod eliminated in Obe earlier this week.

According to witnesses, Bleak Scarab was able to break free from the CONCORD interrogation facilities in Tennen. How her escape was possible and how was Ms. Scarab able to seize the Guristas heavy assault cruiser in which she left the system is still not clear.

"It is so far obvious that [Ms. Scarab] received outside help", granted Lt. Jeman Khegbakish, CONCORD Internal Security deputy for The Forge, "although it is not clear how. According to our ongoing investigation at least one other Guristas operative was present in the system at the time, yet we are still unable to determine how [the Guristas] were in possession of the coordinates of [Ms] Scarab or how CONCORD premises were infiltrated."

An ad-hoc hunting party was rallied by Commander Plaver and Lt Temasi of CONCORD Special Forces with outstanding success: at least nine freelance pod-pilots were recruited for the effort in a matter of minutes. "I was amazed by the quick response from the freelance community" admitted Cmdr Plaver "and their effort to maintain law and order is greatly appreciated."

The fugitive was followed to the Obe system where at least another Guristas heavy assault cruiser was present. According to Cmdr Plaver: "We managed to corner them and the use of lethal force was authorized bringing down both hostile vessels. The fugitive’s pod was eliminated; her accomplice was able to crawl to 0.0 space, where I have no authorization to follow."

CONCORD has neither confirmed nor denied knowing the location of Ms. Scarab clone, or whether or not one even exists.