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Family Strife within Race Team Dragon Theft, Accomplice Killed

2005-08-12 - By Svarthol

One of the few seemingly universal truths across the world of EVE is that all families are home to their fair share of conflict, with the owning family of the Team Dragon race team being no exception.

According to a CONCORD statement issued in conjunction with Team Dragon officials, two high spec racers were stolen from their hangars in the Caldari system last Tuesday. The act was perpetrated by Otoo Ogami, son of the notable race team owner Katsen Ogami with his accomplice friend Hanzonas Kitota. Together the two fled to Nonni where they were cornered by rallied members of the pod pilot community.

Following the trapping of the two racers within the system, Katsen Ogamai called for the surrender of his son and his accomplice in order to allow the safe return of the prized vessels. Following a heated row and the refusal of the two to hand over their newly acquired prizes Katsen called for the destruction of both ships, with further threats stating that Hanzonas Kitota would be executed as punishment for further disobedience. In the ensuing chase Honzonas Kitona was shot down by assisting pod pilot forces, leading to the surrender and capture of the team owner’s son.

In a shocking twist, Otoo Ogami was handed over to CONCORD on the orders of his farther on charges of theft, apparently to teach his son a valuable lesson that he would not forget.