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Fanfest 2013 - Ushering EVE Online into The Second Decade

2013-02-07 - By CCP Gargant

Fanfest 2013 will take place on April 25th to 27th, less than a month before EVE Online turns 10 years old. It promises to be the biggest, most amazing Fanfest yet and tickets to the event are nearly sold out. 

The night before the opening of Fanfest 2013 the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra will perform selected music from the original EVE Online soundtrack to set the mood for the event, with tickets and information available here. At Fanfest itself the Icelandic Mixed Martial Arts phenom Gunnar "Gunni" Nelson will bring the fight to the ground in a unique spectacle, after recently having signed a sponsorship with CCP for DUST 514. Further information about these events can be found in this press release.

All in all, we are set for quite the festivities with amazing panels, presentations, PvP tournaments, exotic local excursions, game demos, round tables, first-looks, developer pub crawls, concerts, parties and, last but not least, the most fantastic playerbase in the world. Come celebrate EVE Online's Second Decade with us at Fanfest 2013!