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Fanfest 2016 Cosplay Contest!

2015-10-14 - By CCP Falcon

We're happy to announce that after the awesome success of the Fanfest 2015 cosplay contest, which you can see the results of in CCP Affinity's devblog here, we'll be hosting a second annual cosplay contest at Fanfest 2016!

Rather than being split over three days, requiring a lot more attention from attendees who we'd rather see enjoying more of the panels and roundtables in store at Fanfest, the contest will focus on one single day, with a whole host of sweet prizes on offer for those who choose to attend Fanfest in style.

We'll be sure to post a blog closer to fanfest that will detail prizes, how to enter, where to come find myself and CCP Affinity at Fanfest 2016 and how to get involved. In the meantime, here's the blog from last Fanfest that shows off the prizes that were given for last year's contest.

With that in mind, start preparing your threads for Fanfest 2016, and we'll see you there!